Windsor English

IT Policy


Windsor English Student Computer Use (IT)

  • Please use IT at Windsor English responsibly. The interactive nature of the equipment requires you to be especially aware of both the school’s security and your own.  

  • Your access of WE’s equipment/information is for your use only. You are not permitted to allow any other person . 

  • No viewing, or downloading of offensive material or any contravening our PREVENT strategy is allowed.  

  • No unauthorised use of school materials is allowed.  

  • You must not interfere with files belonging to other users. 

  • You must not download or install any software on any computer in the school. 

  • Games or unauthorised material on school equipment is not allowed.  

  • Faults should be reported to the School Office.

  • Internet and email usage must comply with English Law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and abilities. 

  • Our PREVENT strategy countering terrorism must be observed in all uses of IT at the school.  

Internet Use

  • Windsor English provides internet access to help you with your studies. We expect you to use the internet for educational purposes and to conduct yourself responsibly and appropriately on the internet. 

  • Any user who posts materials to any web site that may be considered damaging or offensive to any persons may be asked to leave the school. 

  • You must not download, store, view, print or redistribute any file from the internet that is not directly related to your course. 

  • Students must not download any applications (programs, screen savers, games etc.). 

  • The use of public internet proxies is strictly forbidden. 

  • The school internet must not be used to download or distribute pirated or un-licensed software, music or other data. 

  • The school internet must not be used to spread any virus, malware etc. 

  • Use of internet is only to assist you in your studies.  

  • You are not permitted to install or run messaging applications on school computers. 

  • You must not send unnecessary or inappropriate emails and in particular emails which could be considered offensive, malicious or derogatory. 

  • You must not send bulk emails (spam) to multiple users. 

  • Always keep passwords private. 

If you have any questions regarding any aspects of the using the school’s internet please ask at the school office.